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How To Play - Blackjack

Playing Blackjack either online or offline calls for a cool, level head and a full understanding of the games' rules. With so many different variations available to play you could be left feeling puzzled at which game offers you the best rules and payouts.

With so many different venues at which to play each one offering a myriad of Blackjack games tracking down the best one can often be very time consuming, so to make your life a little easier we have compiled our How To Play section below which will give you a better understanding of this magnificent card game. Before you start playing blackjack, please read through the guide and tips to ensure you get the most out of the online casino experience.

How To Play Blackjack - Selecting a Game

You should be looking for the Blackjack game with the lowest House Edge. No matter how exciting a Blackjack variant may first appear it is this simple fact that will result in your long term profitability, choose a game with a high house edge and you are literally throwing your money away.

Below are the house edge figures for many of the leading Blackjack games, use this to make a correct decision on which Blackjack game you play.

In Vegas Strip Blackjack the house edge is 0.3606%.
In European Blackjack the house edge is 0.39%.
In Classic Blackjack the house edge is 0.13%.
In Multi-Hand Blackjack the house edge is 0.57%.
In Vegas Downtown Blackjack the house edge is 0.40%
In Atlantic City Blackjack the house edge is 0.365%.

So looking at the above list you should be looking to play Classic Blackjack, as this variant offers the lowest house edge.

You can play Classic Blackjack for free, instantly from our website so why not give it a try, we think you will like the way it plays and pays.

How To Play Blackjack - Playing Decisions

Playing Blackjack is very simple you just lay down your chips, but the skilful element kicks in once you have been dealt your cards as this is where you have to make several decisions.

To give you a better understanding of the betting decisions you will have to make below are listed each one of them.

Stand - If you have been dealt two cards and you are happy that they are strong enough to play with then you will not need to be dealt another card. When you stand you are indicating to the Dealer that you wish to have no more cards dealt. In online Blackjack the Dealer will then play his hand.

Hit - This is when you wish to be dealt another card once your first two cards have been dealt, you may Hit any hand (except a Blackjack!) and you will not have to pay to receive any additional cards.

Double - Blackjack rules often allow you to Double a hand this simply means that you are "buying" another card as opposed to Hitting a hand where you get a card for free. Once you Double a hand you have to pay an amount equal to your initial wager.

Split - When you have been dealt two cards that are identical in value I.E. 2x 3's you may be permitted to Split them. This simply means that the cards are separated and they become two unique hands. You will have to place another wager on the new hand which will be equal to your initial wager. You then play these hands one at a time as two completely independent hands.

Surrender - Some Blackjack variants state in the rules that your are permitted to Surrender a hand on the first two cards. If you Surrender you will give up half your stake and the Dealer will collect your cards and as such that game for you has ended.

How To Play Blackjack - Strategy

Knowing when to Hit, Stand, Double Down, Split or Surrender a hand is the major part of playing Blackjack, a seasoned professional will know instinctively what move to make, a novice or inexperienced player will not.

But you can get yourself a Blackjack strategy card for the game you are playing, this is a simply a small little card that has displayed upon it every single possible move you need to make, based on both your and the Dealers card.

Get yourself one of these strategy cards for the Blackjack variant you are playing as this way you will never make an incorrect betting decision.

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