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Bingo As An Educational Tool

Bingo is a great game if you’re looking for a fun time or the chance to win cash prizes, but it can also be used as a successful educational tool. For years now, teachers have been using the game of bingo to help their students learn a wide range of topics, including linguistics and math.

When using bingo for educational purposes, the card is laid out the same way as a typical 90-ball bingo card. In each space, there is a number. The teacher then calls out a mathematical equation and it is up to the students to solve the equation to find out if they can mark a number off on their card. With linguistics, the teacher calls out words and the students must find the translations on the bingo card.

In the UK, politicians support the use of bingo in schools across the country. They feel it is an efficient learning tool for students. By making learning into a game, students are more willing to take part in educational activities and thus retain more information.

Many children carry their positive experience with bingo into the adult world and continue to play the game online or in bingo halls.

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